Increasing numbers of people all over the world are starting to realize the health benefits of embarking upon a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. While some may think that giving up meat, dairy and other animal-derivative products may be challenging, in fact following a vegan diet plan or lacto ovo vegetarian diet is not as difficult as it may seem. There are some wonderful vegetarian and vegan diet recipes that can inspire and delight even hardened carnivores and which promote the advantages of a meat-free regime.

The Meat-Free Diet Statistics

The statistics surrounding veganism and vegetarianism make fascinating reading. 10 years ago, only a tiny portion of the American population followed a meat-free diet, however today 5% of the country have switched to either a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and the numbers are continuing to rise. Here are some of the more interesting facts and figures:

  • 69% of vegans and vegetarians decided to give up meat because of concerns over animal welfare
  • 16 million people in the USA eat no animal products at all
  • 79% of vegans and 59% of vegetarians are women

Meat consumption has dropped by 12.2% in the USA since 2007

With many political figures, athletes and celebrities now making up a large portion of the nation’s millions of non-meat eaters, it is easy to see why restaurants and supermarkets are now making an effort to accommodate the needs of those who live this healthier lifestyle and why the online raw vegan food industry has really taken off over the last 5 years. Once considered to be a way of life only followed by health freaks and hippies, today, more people than ever before have realised that this is the best way to cut our ecological footprint and to live in a smarter, healthier way.

Vegan and Vegetarian Diet Benefits

There are many benefits to following a vegan or vegetarian meal plan. Some of these include the following:

Better Nutrition

Vegetarian and vegan diet foods contain less saturated fats than a diet which contains a lot of meat, and this can have impressive health benefits, especially for the heart. As there is also more fiber in this type of diet, the body is more resistant to diseases such as bowel cancer, and the high content of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, folate, vitamin C and vitamin E mean better nutrition. As a diet high in fruit and vegetables also contains antioxidants, the vegan or vegetarian diet can also protect against cell damage by free radicals.

Disease Prevention

This healthy diet prevents the occurrence of certain diseases including cardiovascular problems, strokes, heart attacks, hypertension, prostate cancer, type II diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer, macular degeneration, cataracts, arthritis and osteoporosis.

Physical Improvements

The vegan and vegetarian diet offers a number of physical benefits including making the body more energetic and stronger than ever before. A meat-free diet leads to a lower BMI and for those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet weight loss is often an added bonus. Skin, nails and hair are often healthier, body odor and bad breath is reduced, and lifespan can even be extended by up to 6 years. Those who suffer from PMS, migraines and allergies may even find that their symptoms are greatly reduced after making the switch.

Animal Wellbeing

Of course it goes without saying that following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle promotes animal wellbeing and eases the conscience when it comes to factory farming.

Environmental Friendliness

Growing plants requires less resources than farming animals, so following even a semi vegetarian diet means that you are reducing the toll taken on our environment.

Less Chance Of Infections

Contaminated meat is a main cause of infections like E. Coli, Salmonella and Mad Cow Disease. The incidences of these are eliminated when opting for a vegan or vegetarian diet.

The Raw Food Vegan Diet

A raw food diet meal plan involves eating primarily raw vegetables, fruits and grains. The principle behind this way of living is that heating food can destroy its natural enzymes and nutrients, robbing it of its ability to help the body to fight disease and boost digestion. On the raw food diet weight loss is often possible, and there are other advantages too such as a reduction in headaches, improvements for diabetes and arthritis sufferers, and fewer allergy symptoms. A simple raw foods list of acceptable products includes staples like vegetables, raw fruits, seeds, sprouted grains and nuts. This is the ideal way of eating for those who require a gluten free diet and it has many benefits including the ability to reduce blood pressure, manage type II diabetes and to cut the chances of developing medical problems like kidney disease, stomach cancer, heart failure, strokes and osteoporosis.

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