A Simple Healthy Living Guide For You

Do you know that the leading causes of death in America are heart disease, cancer, and strokes? Over the years, doctors and experts believe that healthy living has been constantly ignored by many people to cause them suffer from such fatal diseases. In the recent researches conducted, the factors contributing to this fact is the abusive intake of cholesterol and fats.

Authorities advise that aside from regularly meeting with your doctors, having a proper healthy living guide is a must to walk away from many different illnesses and diseases. It significantly reduces the risk and overall allows you to enjoy an improved life.

A healthy eating plan usually takes on a common principle of eating more vegetables, fruits, fibers, and more lean proteins.  However, many don’t realize the proper way to do this, so here are some tips for a healthy lifestyle.

1.  Less sodium, less saturated fat, fewer calories, and fewer carbohydrates are a must to a proper healthy diet and to walk away from diseases.

To make it simpler, avoid fatty fried foods and opt for a vegetable salad or soup instead. Green foods, raw foods, and superfoods that David Wolfe talks about in his books and websites are a great idea of proper diet.

While it is not strictly imposed that you avoid your favorite foods, remember to just take them in very light moderation.  If you don’t know how to have proper diet foods, try to seek help from health websites like the sunfood.com and rawfood.com, magazines or books such as the ones authored by David Wolfe, for useful information on healthy recipes.

2.  Cardiovascular exercises are perfect to maintain healthy heart.

Running, brisk walking, dancing, swimming, biking, rollerblading, skiing, jumping rope, or playing sports are simple cardio exercises that can lead you to a healthy living.  Getting into a diverse range of cardio activities will improve even more your health and lessen risks of injury and sickness.

3.  Physical fitness is a must for healthy living.

Remember to at least have 30 minutes of light physical exercise daily. Simple stretching, resistance training, or muscle strengthening are ideal exercises.  You can do these at home with a simple dumbbell set, or at the gym with circuit training, and even better, yoga or Pilates class.

4.  Stress management is another key to a healthy lifestyle. It is a component of a healthy living that research shows stress-free life can put off years and avoid depression, hypertension, heart attacks, abnormal blood pressure, and yes, weight gain. To achieve stress management, make lists, prioritize tasks, and make your loads lighter, outsource them if possible.

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