Becoming a Vegan: Do’s and Don’ts

The vegan diet has stirred many controversies in the health world. Health buffs, researchers and doctors argue on whether vegan diet is really the cure to longevity or it deprives the individual of important minerals and vitamins. Despite these controversies, many people have expressed their desire to be vegans to get the benefits that vegans experience.

There are simple rules in becoming a vegan. A vegan doesn’t eat meat or any food that comes from animals. And also, a vegan doesn’t use or consume any product that came from manufacturing of animals. Here are some tips to becoming a vegan.

First, a wannabe vegan must think of three vegan food that he enjoys. These three foods might include raw foods like cashews, goji berries, cacao, vegetables and other fruits. Other tips include:

  1. Next time you go to a restaurant, ask for vegan food. There are many restaurants that are very ready to serve your request.
  2. Order your pizza without cheese
  3. Search for cookbook on vegan dishes
  4. Experiment on different vegan foods

Although vegans eat a wide variety of food, this variety sticks to non-animal products. Some of the food that vegans don’t eat are meat, egg, dairy and jell-o.

Vegans do not eat egg because these eggs are produced by animals. While egg is a favorite viand in breakfast menus, vegans do not enjoy this food. Even egg whites that are used for omelet are not allowed for vegans.

For obvious reasons, meat is strictly not allowed for vegans. Chicken meat, pig meat and fish meat are not enjoyed by vegans as their viands. However, there is a very rare substitute for these foods. This meat substitute is called seitan and is found from bean curds.

While vegetarians still consume dairy products, vegans do not. Dairy products include cheese, milk and butter. These products come from animals and are therefore forbidden for vegan consumption.

Jell-O is also not recommended for vegans. Horse and animal hoof are involved in the gelatinization process. The inclusions of these ingredients forbid vegans to consume Jell-O.

Indeed, there are many products that vegans do not consume. These products may have been a big part in the life of a wannabe vegan. However, the key to become a vegan is strictly abiding by the rules. Most of all, being a vegan requires a lot of discipline and effort. Oftentimes, there are many pressures to consume these forbidden products but a good and true vegan survives these pressures and maintains a healthy diet.

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