The Avocado

It is green or purple on the outside. It is egg-shaped, pear-shaped or spherical. Inside, you will find yellow-green creamy flesh and there’s a big seed called “pit” or “stone.” It is a fruit that originated in Mexico but is loved by many around the world. There are many ways you can prepare this fruit. […]

The Best Raw Vegan Recipes

A raw food diet is not another “fad diet” as most people think. Experts believe that raw food diets can help promote the habit of eating real foods in their natural state. On the other hand, eating food in an uncooked and unprocessed state will help you get all the vital nutrients without the dangerous […]

Raw Diet

Raw: The Living Food Diet Everywhere you turn there are diets that will fit almost any lifestyle. All diets have their claims to lose weight or look younger. Unfortunately many of these diets fail in delivering their claims. Most diets are no more than money making schemes that prey on people who want to lose […]

Healthy Raw Food Diet

Detoxify for a Healthier You It is no secret that toxins are all around us. They attack us day by day, to the point of endangering our lives. Toxins are everywhere: in the water we drink, in the food we munch on, in the air that we breathe, and in practically all of the things […]

Vegan Diet: Out with the Old, In with the New

Have you finally decided that you want a taste of the so-called vegan diet? No doubt, veganism is gradually carving its own niche in today’s popular culture. You must have heard of a lot of individuals—entertainers, top Hollywood celebrities, musicians, and movie stars picking up the now becoming popular vegan lifestyle. For quite some time, […]