Chia seeds.

Chia Seeds, A Popular Superfood

You may have heard of chia pets – clay figurines where chia sprouts grow to be like animals’ hair or fur. Many have become fond of these “pets” and were given as gifts and made someone happy. But have you heard about chia seeds? These days they have become increasingly popular as a superfood. Many […]

Vegetarian Thai Food

Increasing numbers of people are turning to a vegetarian diet because of its many health benefits, however, sometimes it can be difficult to find inspiring and exciting recipes to keep daily meals exciting. Keeping your diet interesting and varied is the key to a successful vegetarian lifestyle, but the good news is that there are […]

Vegetarian Chinese Food

One of the greatest problems facing anyone starting out with a vegetarian diet is finding a variety of exciting foods to keep meals interesting. Many people considering a vegetarian lifestyle are put off by the idea that they will be restricted to a handful of basic meal ideas with a limited range of tastes and […]

Pescatarian Diet

What is a Pescatarian Diet While you will no doubt have heard about the benefits of a vegetarian diet, you may not be aware of the lifestyle known as the Pescatarian diet. This is a way of eating that includes seafood and fish but excludes other animal products like meat – basically, a Pescatarian is […]