Healthy Foods: What’s Your Raw Diet?

How often do you eat snacks? Are your snacks packed with vitamins and minerals which your body utilizes for its proper functioning?

On a day to day basis, news comes up about certain people who suffer from a variety of illnesses and diseases. Who is to blame for it? Well, it is none other than the person himself. This only goes to show why you should adhere to the raw diet. This healthy eating scheme ensures that your body is free from additives that may trigger any serious case of deficiency and sickness. Whether you are at home, in school, or in the office, you can always take a myriad of on-the-go healthy snacks with you.

Junk foods are designed to look mouth-watering. Everyone is drawn to eat them despite the fact that they no nutritional value. With their attractive looks come the delicious taste that makes each person crave for more. Reality check emphasizes that they are worth nothing. They only complicate your diet. To ensure that you are getting the right amount of nutrition from your snacks, check out the following raw foods listed below.

#1 Raw mixed nuts which combine peanuts and cashew nuts.
#2 Mandarins
#3 Dried Fruits
#4 Bananas
#5 Apples
#6 Grapes
#7 Celery
#8 Humus
#9 Tuna
#10 Whole grained crispy bread with cottage cheese
#11 Whole crackers
#12 Cherry tomatoes
#13 Dried peas
#14 Raw almonds
#15 Bean and peas salad
#16 Dry cereals that contain bran, wheat, and corn
#17 Honey
#18 Fresh fruits like strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, mangoes, and apricots
#19 Raisins

These foods make up your raw diet. They are free from additives and artificial food processing methods which assures you that your body is detoxified. As an outcome, you will be more energized, be healthier, lose more weight, and look younger than ever.

The common signs of an unbalanced diet include feeling confused and weak, fatigue, irritability, and unexplained mood swings. Since the immune system is generally weak, one becomes prone to allergies and colds. It also affects the tissues, bones, brain, and the entire nervous system. You may even suffer from anemia. So, don’t fall for these. Try the rawfood diet now!

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