Healthy Living: The Food You Eat Defines It

One of the most important components of healthy living is what food you eat. You need to eat balanced food diet in order to have a healthy body and mind. If you ignore this fact, it is easy to weight gain and be prone to sicknesses. To avoid these adverse effects, be sure to know what your body needs in order to function properly.

Listed below are nutrient components and why they are essential for a healthy living:


You need vitamins because these are the nutrients that keep chemical reactions which are responsible for creating your muscles, tissues, and bones. Vitamins also allow your body to use the calories for your energy, process fats, carbs, and proteins, and ensure the well-functioning of your nervous system. Vitamins are derived from green foods, fruits, and other plant foods.


In order to obtain the vitamins from the foods you eat, you need the minerals to process them. Accordingly, there are 16 minerals needed for the biochemical processes, which are in turn responsible for the body to digest food as well as keep its metabolism functioning properly.

Amino Acids

These are essential as your body needs amino acids to produce chemicals such as neurotransmitters and hormones to maintain its chemical balance. Deficiency in amino acids must be avoided as it can cause severe imbalances leading to different adverse conditions.


The proteins are needed for the enzymes. They are responsible for most of body’s reactions engaged in its metabolism and manipulation of DNA in various processes such as DNA repair, replication, and transcription.


These are needed because they are energy sources for your body. The carbohydrates you intake are quickly converted to form glucose, which is a form of sugar transported and utilized by your body. Their derivatives are also vital for functions of fertilization, blood clotting, development, pathogenesis, and your immune system.


Your body needs good fats as they are the ones that keep your hair and skin healthy. They insulate your body organs from shock, promote healthy cell functions, and maintain your body temperature. Fats are your body’s energy stores too. It is important for you to know that fats are essential as well as they allow different vitamins to be digested and absorbed otherwise they can go to waste. And lastly, essential fatty acids, which are vital dietary requirement, are derived from fats.

Whether you get these nutrients in the form of supplements or from food you eat, it is important that you get them all in a balanced diet. A balanced diet is one healthy living component that assures high-quality lifestyle.

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