Is the Raw Vegan Diet Made of Healthy Foods?

What does it take to become healthy? What healthy foods will sustain a happier and healthier way of life? The raw vegan diet has an answer to this. Read on to find out.

A Passionate Advocacy

Most people are likely to ask, “Will you stay healthy by undertaking the raw vegan diet?” The vegetarians or vegans have gone a long way especially in the promotion of the raw food diet. In the past, many of them stood up and encouraged all and sundry not to consume any animal products. However, they continued to eat honey, eggs, and several poultry products. They labeled themselves as the vegetarians. But then again, there came another group that didn’t simply stop there. They started with another advocacy and that was to tell the world not to munch through cheese, milk, honey, and eggs. They emerged with another name. That is, the vegans. The vegetarians of the past seemed to be lenient when it came to their diet. On the contrary, the vegans were far stricter. They then led a deeper and much meaningful advocacy following their passion on uplifting the environmental, human health, and animal rights, along with the religious, spiritual, and farming issues. Nowadays, the vegans have grown more mature. Their current promotion is on eating healthy foods. These are none other than the raw and organic food products.

If you think that these people are crazy, you are greatly mistaken. There is already a vast number of followers starting from the entertainers, actors and actresses, politicians, socialites, chefs, and of course, the well-known nutritionist David Wolfe. He has actually done a lot of lectures and seminars. He has written books and recorded audios to let the world know that there is an effective and proven way to eat healthy foods.

Raw Food as Healthy Food

No artificial preservatives or pesticides are allowed to touch the raw foods. The legumes, seeds, nuts, sprouts, vegetables, and fruits that compose the diet are not grown with the use of these chemicals. No food processing under the fire or heat is applied. Without these cooking methods, the natural enzymes and cell structure of the plants are preserved for the body’s consumption.

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