Nut Milk for Your Raw Food Diet

Why is nut milk considered an integral choice for your raw food diet? In contrast with the typical dairy milk and other commercialized products out there, nut milk doesn’t provoke any allergic reactions especially for those who suffer from dairy product intolerance. This delicious milk treat can be taken to suffice for your healthy snack or meal depending on your own appetite level. It is also very natural since only the raw nuts and water comprise it.

What is the real nature of nut milk?

The nut milk is a fresh and luscious substitute to your ordinary dairy milk. The commercialized dairy milks like almond and soya don’t count as rawfoods because they are heat-treated.

It is called the nut milk because it looks like a cow’s milk or raw cashew milk. This treat is likewise one of the main components of most raw food recipes.

The unflavored and fresh raw milks are made up of only water and raw nuts.

It has a fresh and creamy taste that leaves you feeling satisfied and refreshed. In contrast, dairy milks only provide a mucous-like after-taste.

People who suffer from dairy intolerance can drink nut milk as an alternative.

Sweeteners and other flavorings may be added for a tastier treat.

What are some of the vital things that you should know about nut milk?

Pure nut milks can be kept in the fridge for several hours yet only a trifle loss of nutrition and taste will happen. If you added some flavorings to your drink, be sure to consume it within an hour because it tends to ferment easily.

For your raw ice cream and nut milk experimentation, better start with the almonds or cashews as they are easy to find. The cashew is the kind of nut that tastes like the cow’s milk. Almond is the substitute for those who don’t like the cashews much.

To be able to make nut milk quickly and less the straining, just use 1 tablespoon of nut butter instead of the nuts to be blended. Using your blender, mix the butter along with the water and you will get an instant milk.

For a tastier nut milk, you may opt to add fruits. You should remember though that when taken together, the nuts and the fruits have the tendency to ferment inside the stomach. However, with your fiber-free nut milk, there will be lesser or no effect at all. Strawberry and almond is a popular combination.

Other ingredients for you to try are coconut butter, raw cacao powder, raw cacao beans, vanilla essence or vanilla pod, cinnamon, carob, dates, and agave nectar.

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