Raw Food Detox Diet and Healthy Living

Have you ever tried raw food detox diet? If not, then it’s high time you explore this amazing healthy living step to experience its health benefits. But first, you may want to know what a raw food detox diet is. It is about eating foods consisting of at least 70% to 80% raw, uncooked vegetables, sprouts, and fruits, which are believed to contain essential food enzymes. These foods, when cooked above 116 degrees F, lose their essential enzymes, thus causing you to feel sick and suffer from chronic diseases in the long run. So, before you put your health at risk, you might as well consider a raw food detox diet for a healthy living.

The raw food detox diet can give you up to 100% of the available nutrition. But to fully achieve this, you need to follow these practical tips and apply them in your life:

1.    Increase the amount of fresh foods that you eat each day. As you eat more fresh foods, the faster the cleansing process begins, thus helping your body flush out old toxins. Green foods and fresh fruits are known to effectively push out wastes out of your colon and cells. Plus, these help your body get attuned to eating more raw food everyday.

2.    Make sure to eat only organically-grown foods like green vegetables and sprouts and rainbow-colored vegetables. The minimum amount is 60% for the green vegetables and sprouts and 15% for the rainbow-colored ones.

3.    Consume at least two green juices of vegetables, sprouts, and herbs everyday. If you don’t like the taste of any of these, you can combine it with anise juice or garlic and ginger juice. And when available, be sure to drink and implant wheatgrass-juice which is freshly squeezed.

4.    During a meal, eat at least a handful of soaked almonds, nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and pumpkin seeds 2 to 3 times a week. But take note, you can only eat any of these when you do not consume legumes or grains.

5.    Avoid foods which contain added salts and isolated sugars. Also, do not eat micro waved foods, fried foods, processed grain and dairy products, and all meat – including chicken and fish.

At first glance, you might think that it’s difficult to do all these. But if you are really focused on your goal of achieving a healthy living through raw food detox diet, nothing is impossible.

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