Raw Food Diet – A Healthy Food Choice

Forcing yourself into the raw food diet is not that easy specifically if you have been used to the regular diet all your life. At first you might even find it threatening. You don’t have to face the entire burden just because you want to eat right and start right. Technically, raw food nutrition is what the body needs to boost its function. Since the raw foods are untouched by any cooking procedure, their chemical compositions stay the way they are. Meaning to say, they don’t get drained off their essential vitamin and mineral contents.

You must understand that your transition from the regular diet to the raw food diet will take time. Thus, take things easy. Come up with a diet plan which a raw food vegan can help you with. You should first start transforming your breakfast into the raw food diet, then your raw food snacks, and eventually your dinner.

Below is a guide on how you should go about your raw food nutrition.

Important Tips

When taking this kind of diet, you should eat a balanced meal. You have to ingest a daily value of carbs from green superfoods like spinach, lettuce, kale, and chard. You should likewise eat the good fats from seeds, nuts, olives, oils, and avocados.

Your sweet tooth can always be nurtured by taking the sweeter vegetables and fresh fruits. A raw dairy product such as soy milk is also advisable.

Drink enough water. Even when your raw food diet lets you get much water from your foods, it is still best to keep your body well-hydrated.

For Breakfast

Choose from a couple of options such as fresh berries, large bowl of watermelon, and some nuts. For your juice, you may opt juicing your favorite vegetables and fruits. Try blending them with almond milk or coconut juice.

For Lunch

Leafy salads with vegetables and low-fat salad dressing are your top choices. Compose your salad dressing by blending orange or lemon juices with avocados or by mixing the cold pressed extra virgin olive oil with some fresh fruits.

Your Dinner

Dinner may incorporate cabbage wraps or lettuce added with raw vegetables, avocado, or hummus. Try eating vegetable salads made of tomatoes, cucumbers, and the likes. Veggie soups also make your meal more sumptuous.

For Snacks

Fresh and dried fruits along with nuts and yogurt are best to take. In fact, you may grab pretzels and make some smoothies too.

The raw food diet is generally simple. Just start slowly until your system gets used to it.

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