Raw Snacks for You

Your food choices are often influenced by your own cravings, your need, your activities for the day, and of course, your budget. The circumstances that you are faced at the moment usually control your food choices.  This is in fact where most people are mistaken. Your hectic schedule often gets you feeding on processed and on-the-go snacks. You prioritize what you crave for therefore pushing your health and nourishment concerns down to the second notch.

Fresh and Raw

A rawfood snack is what you need. It means that the food that you must eat is organic and has undergone only the natural food processes. Thus, no additives should make it up.

The rawfood diet is known to regulate the blood sugar level, boost your body’s energy, and enhance your mental alertness. It is by eating an adequate amount of snack that you are freed from hunger. However, it doesn’t call for overeating. After all, we are talking about healthy snacks.

Your choices of snacks may include whole foods and water-rich ones like fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, and nuts. You can devote some time in the evening to chop the celery, carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, and broccoli. You can keep them in a container inside the refrigerator.

For Your Sweet Tooth

You always have the tendency to crave for something sweet. Of course you should never deprive yourself with it. A helpful and healthy snack for you is to make a salad using your favorite fresh foods. One advisable thing to do is that of squeezing fresh lemon juice over these fruits to delay them from ripening too soon. This happens because of oxidation. Then, sprinkle a small amount of ground cinnamon over them to lessen their sugar load. Don’t make the mistake of using a large amount of cinnamon as it may be toxic.

Eat the Healthy Fats

Consume seeds and nuts in moderation as they are among the raw snacks that prove to be healthy. They are packed with healthy fats and protein. Eat sunflower seeds and walnuts because they have the omega-3 fatty acids, pumpkin seeds for their zinc and iron content, and almonds for their protein.

Go for the raw seeds and nuts because they are unsalted and still keep the anti-oxidants intact. Roasting only drains them of the essential nutrients.

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