Reasons Behind Veganism

Vegan diet is a diet which excludes any products like food, skin care and other things that are made from animal meat or have animal meat as an ingredient. Many people have turned into the vegan diet to maintain a healthy living and to optimize the possibility of longevity.

People who undergo the vegan diet are often referred to as vegans. Vegans are different from vegetarians in the sense that veganism is a strict form of being a vegetarian. Vegans don’t include anything that comes from animals while vegetarians may include animal products in their skin care, bags and accessories. There are many reasons on becoming a vegan. This article will look at these reasons one by one.

First reason is the love for environment. The environment is consists of many species and many of these species are being manufactured to form different products. There are many species that are extinct and close to extinction right now. What can the humans do to save this environment? The humans can at least lessen their consumption on the different species like birds, pigs, cows, goats and chicken. These animals are still abundant for now but they can’t last long if people eat them everyday. Very few people have thought about the consequences of depending too much on these animals. Vegans know the importance of these animals, they care for them and fight for animal rights.

Another reason is the health benefits that people can get from being a vegan. Meat products, artificial products and processed products have adverse effects to the health of various people. Meat products are the main source of cholesterol which in turn leads to high blood pressure. Too much dependence on meat can also trigger the body to be malnourish. On the other hand, natural products offer many benefits to the human health. Studies have shown that vegans have a higher immune system and have a better chance for longer life. Vegetables, raw foods, healthy snacks and fruits also contribute in maintaining a good body figure.

Religion is also considered as a reason for becoming a vegan. Seventh Day Adventists, Buddhist, Muslims and Jews support the advocacy for healthy living and eating. Religious people say that veganism have stemmed from some passages of the Bible. One of these passages is in the Genesis, “God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” Yes, meat is mentioned in the passage but experts say that meat is referred to the seeds. There is no mention of animal in the passage so God didn’t say that animal meat is for consumption.

These are some of the reasons on becoming a vegan. There have been many successful individuals who have experienced benefits from being a vegan. A complete example of a successful individual is David Wolfe who has experienced a whole transformation when he became a vegan. People should think and ponder on these reasons to determine if they want to be a vegan.

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