Raw Food Bar Healthy Recipes

When you go to grocery stores or supermarkets these days, you will surely come across those products that claim they are the best and most nutritious raw food bars in the world. The truth is that some of them are junk foods disguising themselves to be healthy recipes.

Distinguishing a Healthy Rawfood Bar

From among the products in the market, you should carefully read the label of whatever it is that you are buying. The healthy bars include fruits, seeds, and nuts. Check out the label if the ingredients are raw to ensure that they are indeed healthy snacks for you.

You may choose from a line of raw cashew nuts, almonds, sprouts, rice protein, and seeds. Some brands are known for their rawfood ingredients. Some of the fruits that are included in the healthy recipes are blueberries, healthy cacao chips, cranberries, and more.

Experimenting on Your Own Homemade Recipe

You can always try making your own rawfood bar. In fact, the recipe is just a basic one. All that you have to do is to gather the ingredients and be ready to go through the process of mixing.

One popular healthy recipe is that of using the ground Brazil nuts and crushed or whole cashews. This is the rawfood snack recipe that you can put inside the freezer and bring to work.

For this healthy recipe snack, you will need 2 cups of raw cashews, 2 cups of raw Brazil nuts, sea salt, lemon juice, and 8 medjool dates.

For the procedure, put 1 ½ cups of raw Brazil nuts into the food processor. Grind or pulverize until they turn into small pieces. The Brazil nuts are hard nuts so they should be made smaller to protect your teeth. After which, add the 8 fresh and pitted medjool dates. The old dates will appear drier. Mix to form dough.

Add the other ½ cup of raw Brazil nuts with the 2 cups of raw cashews. They should be smaller. Add a pinch of sea salt along with the squirt of the freshly squeezed lemon juice. Grind for a couple of seconds and then mix. Some of the cashews will be fine while others will be bigger. Feel the mixture to see if it holds together. It should be a little sticky. Spread the dough into the ceramic dish with your desired thickness and then cut into bars. You can add some other ingredients such as shredded coconut, goji berries, and other dried fruits.

Healthy Recipe for the Vegetarians

When you say that you are 100% vegetarian then you  have totally veered away from any animal meat. Talk about being healthy! Of course you still need the nutrients that animal meat provides. Thus, you must come up with a healthy recipe that suits your vegetarian needs!

What should comprise your vegetarian healthy recipe? First, start off with choosing a lineup of your favorite vegetables. Modify the ingredients by using products that are fat-free or lower in fat content. If you can’t get rid of the use of cheese, try making use of those products that are low in fat. For the cream soup, utilize evaporated or skim milk. Be picky when it comes to choosing your food. Your diet is one of the things that you need to watch out.

Rice as well as red beans is among the low-fat healthy recipes that you can access. Per serving of these foods contain only a gram of fat. For your vegetarian healthy food, sauté some chopped red pepper, onion, and garlic. Add the cayenne pepper, salt, and thyme. Then, add the rice and some water. Bring it to a boil, cover it, and then simmer for approximately 20 minutes. After which, add the kidney beans to the rice without stirring it. Cover the pot for another five minutes or so. Remove it from the heat, stir for a bit, and serve hot.

Your homemade vegetable sauce can be made out of a little amount of extra virgin olive oil along with the sauté sliced leek and diced carrots. You need some sugar to let it caramelize. Add the frozen peas, diced zucchini, salt, green beans, and pepper. Put back the cover until the vegetables are slightly cooked. You can add this vegetable sauce to your pasta recipe.

The vegetable bake is another healthy recipe that you may prepare. Use the cooking spray instead of cooking oil. Sauté the chopped onions and zucchini until they soften. In a separate bowl, mix the sautéed vegetables along with the parmesan cheese and chopped tomato. Get another bowl and stir the low-fat baking mix and cholesterol-free egg alternative. Pour the mixture onto the pie plate and bake it.

Going vegetarian doesn’t mean depriving yourself of delicious food.