Vegan Diet: Out with the Old, In with the New

Have you finally decided that you want a taste of the so-called vegan diet? No doubt, veganism is gradually carving its own niche in today’s popular culture. You must have heard of a lot of individuals—entertainers, top Hollywood celebrities, musicians, and movie stars picking up the now becoming popular vegan lifestyle. For quite some time, Oprah herself has had a vegan challenge for one straight week. So, what is veganism all about? Why does it sound too appealing? What is there in veganism that seems to hook a lot of people to try it out? Yes, being all too strict about your lifestyle, and abiding by the ‘no animal product diet’ rule may not be simple, or glamorous for some reasons. But hey, you should know that a bunch of benefits are waiting in line!

Getting to Know its Upside

First things first. Veganism reminds you that basically, you don’t harm animals, or you don’t partake in harming them, just to satiate your craving for any sort of dish. There are obviously a number of concerned organizations that swarm the food industry, with PETA being the most remarkable among them.

Secondly, a vegan diet is nothing but healthy. Such isn’t comprised at all of a ton of fat from any animal product. Neither is there a fraction of processed food too. The entire American continent is basically slumped with one of the major health problems, that is, obesity. And the last thing a person like you who wants to get in top shape need are doses of hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and saturated fats. Indeed, adopting this kind of diet allows you to cut them out from invading your system.

Thirdly, a vegan lifestyle is more cost-effective. You know for certain how meat can be too expensive these days. So if you are up to saving some bucks, patronizing veganism is the way towards keeping hold of your hard-earned cash.

Unraveling the Daunting Process of Getting Vegan

Going vegan is easier said than done. In truth, it isn’t a simple process. You don’t turn into a vegan lifestyle enthusiast overnight. It is just hard to resist that aromatic turkey during Thanksgiving, or restrain yourself from eating some comfort foods such as cupcakes or chicken nuggets after a long and tiring day. The key here is to switch into veganism following a gradual transition. So, how do you do that?

Little by little, cut out meat and fish in your daily diet. Say for example you get to consume a slab of meat for lunch. What you should do is to consume only half of it, until such time that you learn to eat only a little portion, and eventually remove it from your menu. As meat and fish are known sources of protein, you can come up with an alternative: tofu. The tofu, by nature, is able to absorb flavor easily. You can cook it anyway you like your meat to be.

Cut back on cheese. Surely, baked potato is more luscious when there is melted cheese on top. But your way towards a vegan lifestyle is to forget its taste! Your salad can be as delicious as it is without cheese. You can try looking for non-dairy cheese alternatives in the vegan section of the supermarket.

Let go of the butter. Again, while butter may not be easy to give up, you can always go for the dairy butter substitutes.

Forget those eggs. Eggs are generally animal products. If you want to become a vegan, then it is time you quit munching on that omelet for breakfast.

The transition isn’t something you can expect to take place all at once, or in the course of one day. As a rule, always be on the lookout for substitutions. You can try out Tofutti, a notable brand which is known for its non-dairy products: cream cheese, ice cream, pizza, and sour cream. You can always visit the Whole Foods section for better alternatives, whenever you shop for your provisions.

Going fully vegan is essentially tough, and challenging to be exact. You may not be willing to quit eating some animal and processed products, but since you have made up your mind to be one, then you should strive hard to part with the foods you have grown up with, and have made a part of your existence. You said you wanted change, so let it be. Now is the best time to do it.
But then again, adopting the vegan diet means giving up all those animal products.

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