Why Eat the Raw Healthy Foods?

You might be wondering as to why the raw food diet is considered healthy. First and foremost, it is known to energize the body, provides relief to those people who suffer from headaches, migraines, muscle and joint pains, helps prevent cancer, cleanses the body by eliminating the toxins, improves digestion, and assists in weight loss. The raw food diet is made up of healthy foods that are known to lower the chances of prostate and colon cancer, heart attack, strokes, and regulate the blood pressure and cholesterol in the body. Thus, the nutrition that is derived from this diet is by no means an assurance that you can always kiss diseases and illnesses goodbye!

The raw healthy foods have started to gain more attention these days due to the fact that the humankind is now prone to different detrimental health conditions. Many people have gone through a variety of ordeals and it is because of those negative effects that they have finally paid attention to what they are feeding on for sustenance. For the longest time, lectures and seminars have been provided to all and sundry telling each one that the healthy foods are the veggies, fruits, seeds, and nuts. The term “raw food diet” likewise came out.

These live foods don’t just sustain the body with enough energy and detoxifying properties. They also promote weight loss and offer a lifetime approach for an improved health and a much better life. These healthy foods are known as living foods basically because they are alive. Meaning to say, they are not refined, processed, canned, cooked, or packaged in any way. Cooked foods are said to be lifeless since their nutritive value has been killed due to the different cooking procedures applied to them.

The raw foods are able to keep the enzymes intact. Thus, the food is properly digested. Any form of heating actually tampers the natural enzyme structure of the food which results to tummy aches, dairy intolerance, and a lot other pains. The process also nullifies the minerals, vitamins, and different phytonutrients contained in the food. In contrast to the cooked ones, the raw food energizes you immediately after eating.

You can always prepare healthy foods in a matter of minutes. The raw food products are also widely available in the supermarkets. You just have to make it a point to buy the fresh and organic ones.

David Wolfe is a nutritionist and 100% raw food vegan who can help you fix your own healthy recipes. Check out his websites and learn more about the health benefits of raw foods.

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